Monday, September 12, 2005

The God of New Orleans

How often have you heard someone quote “God helps those who help themselves”? It’s a popular phrase, usually used as Biblical encouragement to get individuals off their butts and contributing to society. However, it seems strangely out of place in light of the current events in New Orleans.
A lot of those who passed away during and after the storm couldn’t help themselves. The media is full of their heart wrenching stories. Would the God of the Bible be so callous as to say it’s really their own fault?
Well, it turns out that the God of the Bible didn’t say that he helps those who help themselves. Benjamin Franklin said it. Yet, 75% of Americans think it’s a quote from the Bible! And, since 85% of Americans call themselves Christians, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of them need to start attending Bible studies. Perhaps then they’ll realize that the Bible encourages them to “love thy neighbor”, not to “drive by thy neighbor in an SUV filled with stuff” as a deadly storm approaches…


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